Immortal Champions II: Return from Lockdown

The 2nd Immortal Champions event took place on 12 September, 2021-nearly two years after the promotion’s debut.

Former world champion and Immortal Champions President Hafiz Bakhshaliyev was forced to postpone Immortal Champions II, orginally scheduled for Spring 2020, because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some promoters abandoned the fight game after Covid.

Not Bakhshaliyev, who wanted to continue his mission of giving young fighters an opportunity to showcase their skills for an independent fight promotion.

Fourteen bouts took place at Immortal Champions II. Both amateur and professional athletes participated, with the event sanctioned by the UKMF, Britain’s most prestigious Muay Thai organisation.

Immortal Champions II Results

-50 kg: Josh Cooper def. Zakee Hamed
-63 kg: Brad Finn def. Renell Simon
-63 kg: Deena Jason def. Athena Bashar
-68 kg: Helder Tavares def. Kuba Wiesnewski
-82 kg: Conor Tymon def. Elias Bourgeois
-61 kg: Sabir Hussain DRAW Teshie Cheema
-65 kg: Alec Donelly def. Arek Wojnicz
-72.5 kg: Jenin Nasiri def. Zack Mclaren
-70 kg: Rupert Thorpe def. Chris Floury
-71 kg: Ali Safari def. Ching Mac
-75 kg: Miles Blay def. Zac Wakefield
-56 kg: Elia Dewu def. Ewelina Sobczak
-55.3 kg: Thai Barlow def. Josias Gomes-UKMF British Title
-72.5 kg: Bradley Heason def. Kieran Peart-UKMF British Title